The Tiefling

A violent sadist, this Tiefling has impressive magical abilities, and seems beholden to a dark power


With large horns, red skin, and a serpentine tail, he is the spitting image most people imagine when they hear of the demon blooded. When he was first seen he wore a cloak that concealed most of his appearance. When he was confronted in the old abbey however, he wore an intimidating armor seemingly made of black steel that protected him from many of the heroes’ blows. He is in posession of vicious magical abilities, such as manfisting bolts of vile energy from thin air and erupting a massive collumn of flame that destroyed the ruined temple and nearly wiped out the entire party. Still, he proved himself vulnerable when he fled after receiving several vicious wounds, including taking a blast that left half his face nearly melted off.


Next to nothing is known of this creature, not even his name. He first appeared at the camp of the Pechnegs, then disappeared just before the Orc attack, after singing a disturbing song about the long-vanquished Witch King of Vaasa. Next he was found to have been the one to have abducted Lord Hulmaster’s daughter, having performed some sort of vile ritual on her. Whatever it was seemed tied to her blood, and it didn’t seem like he found what he wanted. After receiving his injury, he swore revenge before using his magic to escape.

The Tiefling

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